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Premium Ash Wood

WILLOW Collection
Introducing our latest marvel, WILLOW: a premium dining furniture collection crafted from the finest GRADE A ash wood sourced from North America. Adorned with captivating patterns and sleek solid wood strips, WILLOW brings simplistic chic and contemporary flair to your space. With an array of colors to complement various interior styles, indulge in modern luxury with WILLOW.

Modern Luxury

Nature defines beauty

SEN Collection
Designed by Richard Murphy Studio, a British design studio, the SEN collection from MOODBY™️ is crafted with ash wood, Indonesian hardwood and nature rattan elements to deliver modern and functional furniture pieces for simplistic and spacious interiors. Check out now for your favourites!

Innovative Minimal Craftsmanship

Ultimate Comfort

Introducing Our New Recliner Collection
Welcome to our blog showcasing the latest addition to our furniture collection – a brand new recliner collection that combines comfort, functionality, and style. With decades of experience in furniture manufacturing and a commitment to quality, our sofas are designed to provide you and your family with a cozy and relaxing home experience. Let's dive into the exciting features of our four sofas!

Luxury Comfort Hub

BOSTON Manual Recliner
HOUSTON Electric Recliner
Aston Manual Recliner

Light & Living

A world of inspiration
Step into a world of home decor inspiration. Browse our fresh collection of lighting, interior design trends and tasteful accessories. Handcrafted lampshades, head-to-toe furnishing solutions await you. Allow our eye for detail spark your creativity. Let new interior design discoveries fill your home with warmth, function and style.

Latest Trends in Homewares

RUHLA Cushion
MEDINA Table Lamp
MONKEY Table lamp

Luxury Blend

A harmonious blend of marble and walnut perfection
The NOVA collection is a series of premium products that involve enhanced marble, rose gold metal and walnut finishing. These premium products are designed with elegant details to create a modern and minimal interior. NOVA also provides exclusive products for commercial projects and interior design firms.

Embrace Eternal Elegance

Timeless Elegance

The Organic Teak Furniture Collection
MERASA, a captivating collection by MOODBY, takes its name from the Indonesian word for "sensation." This extraordinary line of furniture is rooted in a profound history, showcasing reclaimed teak wood with a fascinating backstory. Every MERASA creation exudes the authentic charm of reclaimed teak, making it an exquisite addition to any space, celebrating the rich cultural heritage while promoting an eco-conscious and meaningful interior design choice.

Artisan Teak Creations

JODOH TV Cabinet
JODOH Dining Table

Walnut Sophistication

Introducing the original collection
Elevate your space with the natural walnut and walnut brown hues of this sophisticated collection. Adorned with elegant brass and handwoven rattan, it exudes timeless charm, creating a refined and inviting ambiance. A perfect blend of luxury and durability, adding a touch of opulence to any room.

Ethically Crafted in Indonesia

OTTO Sideboard L120
OTTO TV cabinet, Natural Walnut L150
OTTO Sideboard L120

Functional Fusion

Contemporary Asian Living
WHOOP firmly believes that good design not only "WORKS" effectively in reality but also fulfills the evolving human needs of modern living. Their mission revolves around crafting products that elevate the quality of life, both physically and emotionally. By harmoniously blending industrial craftsmanship with local art and culture, WHOOP showcases the essence of Thai design attitude to captivate the global market. Their commitment to innovation ensures a lasting impact on the way we experience and appreciate contemporary Asian living.

Thailand's Creative Essence


Embrace the artistry of time
LEMNOS was founded in 1947 as a brass casting manufacturer in Japan. They are famous for incorporating natural materials with Japanese traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics to create high quality and innovative products. The creative designs of their clocks and home accessories have garnered international recognition, winning many design awards over the years.

Japan's Finely Crafted Clock Collection


World Class Clock
The KARLSSON brand is synonymous with high quality, stunning graphics, aesthetic shapes and innovative design. This is the result of a unique collaboration between national and international designers and our own creative team.

Timeless Chic: The Dutch Art of Simplicity with KARLSSON

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the Top 5 Interior Design Projects in Hong Kong
Are you looking to give your home a makeover, or are you just curious to see what some of the top interior designers are doing these days? If so, this post is perfect for you! We have put together an amazing collaborative collection of five exquisite interior design sharing cases in Hong Kong that have been carefully crafted by creative Hong Kong interior designers and stylists.

Professional Insights Unlocked


our 6 selected sofas now
Looking for a Scandinavian sofa that comes with a sturdy wooden frame? Look no further than EMOH®. We have a selection of six different Scandinavian sofas to choose from, each one crafted from pet-friendly fabric and cotton, making them perfect for creating a cozy and fashionable living space.


6 Selected Table Lamps
Discover Leitmotiv, the Dutch brand renowned for its clean design and meticulous attention to detail. Our furniture and lighting collections feature a mix of natural materials, contemporary colors, and timeless pieces that bring practicality and style to modern homes, ensuring enjoyment for years to come.


Featuring EMOH Co-Founder’s Home
Sustainable interior design “seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the health and comfort of people, thereby improving building performance. The basic objectives of sustainability are to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments.” - GSA