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6 Best Scandinavian Sofas (HK)

Living Room Inspiration

Bespoke Scandinavian Sofas

Finding a Scandinavian sofa with a solid wood frame? Then, you should not miss out the six Scandinavian sofas from EMOH®. We offer a wide range of sofas crafted from pet-friendly fabric and cotton, so you can create a comfy and stylish living room.

6 Scandinavian Sofas

for your living room in 2021

Pet-Friendly Fabric Sofas

If you have a pet at home, solid wood Scandinavian sofas with pet-friendly fabric will be your must-have! In this collection, EMOH® has three types of sofas using this premium fabric, which includes NADINE sofa II, MACARON sofa II and FRAME sofa.
The features of pet-friendly fabric are scratch-resistant, waterproof and pilling resistant. If there is dirt on the sofa, you can simply wipe it with a wet cloth. If your cats scratch the sofa, the scratch-resistant function still can keep the sofa without any scratch marks. That is why when you turn on the webcam for a conference call at home, you do not need to be embarrassed about showing your sofa!

Cotton Fabric Sofas

As a cost-efficient option, a cotton sofa is always the ideal choice for Scandinavian interiors. To dress up your living room, do not underestimate the aesthetic power of cotton sofas! Scandinavian sofas made of polyester-cotton offer excellent durability and breathability. If you love the airy feel and bed feeling, ARMONIA sofas' VIENNA sofa, CHLOE sofa and COLON sofa will be your top choices. Their subtle tones and curves help to elevate your living room and connect with the surroundings.