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Showroom Locations (HK)

Hong Kong Showroom

Visit our 6000 sf showroom

We warmly welcome you to visit our charming 6000 sq ft showroom located in Kwun Tong. Our selected furniture pieces are thoughtfully displayed in our showroom; meanwhile, we constantly change the setup for more interior inspiration. We promise you will always get inspired every time you visit!
We source around the world based on the principle of simple living. The brand philosophy emphasises clean lines and simple design inspired by nature to promote a joyous living full of vitality without being cluttered. We are not tired of having products characterised by a stylish and clean approach on the EMOH shelf from Germany to Japan, from lightings to chairs. We hope to bring you an all-new experience.

Our Website

Enjoy Online Shopping

We work through a user-friendly online platform that allows our customers to design their beloved spaces anywhere, anytime. Our website shows all of our products, from living room and dining room furniture, to bedroom furniture and home accessories, with transparent prices and product options. We offer products at a price affordable for everyone by cutting costs normally spent in advertising and rent. Instead, we carefully selected our showroom locations to avoid unnecessarily high rental costs while optimizing our warehouses.

Our team

We love creating value

We are based in Hong Kong while connecting directly with factories in Thailand, Indonesia and China to offer the latest quality products. We have our technical support team while our product designers are in UK, Australia, Italy, and Scandinavia. We all love what we do, and together, we are stronger. Our spirited team works towards the same vision: to promote the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian living and to inspire better living. Our team... our family.

Styling Service

Get your interior design now!

In Scandinavian interiors, there's always a strong relationship between design elements and nature. Hence, natural materials, especially solid wood, natural marble and stone, are highly promoted in EMOH's style. To promote Scandinavian and simply living, we provide home styling services for residential and commercial projects. Our in-house stylist will gladly assist you in the interior styling process.

Trade-in Program

Less waste more quality

Most of EMOH®️ furniture is crafted with solid wood ensuring each item's longevity. With the proper care, EMOH®️ furniture can even be passed down to the next generation. However, we understand that sometimes we need to replace our furniture because of a growing family, changing interior styles, moving to a new home, or any other changes life may bring. Hence, we proudly present our Trade-in Program to help you reduce waste while still upgrading your interior.
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