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Top 4 Recliner Sofas from Editor's Pick:

Embrace Japanese Design and Unmatched Comfort
In the world of home decor, recliner sofas have risen as the epitome of comfort and style. When infused with the serene minimalism of Japanese design, they become a statement of luxury. The ARMONIA collection stands out in this regard, offering a line of recliner sofas that blend the simplicity and functionality of Japanese aesthetics with unparalleled comfort. Let's take a closer look at the unique features of the top 4 recliner sofas from the ARMONIA range that promise to elevate your home's comfort and style quotient.

ARMONIA's Recliner Sofa Collection: A Blend of Comfort and Durability

ARMONIA's recliner sofa collection is meticulously crafted to provide individualized comfort with a reclining mechanism that allows each user to find their desired level of relaxation. Beyond comfort, the collection boasts a long-life design with a highly rigid stainless steel frame, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time. All our sofas come with a comprehensive warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Enjoy 1-year warranty coverage for the upholstery, 2-year coverage for the electric parts, and a remarkable 5-year warranty for the structure. We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to providing you lasting satisfaction.

Ultimate Comfort: Introducing Our New Recliner Sofa Collection

The Allure of Japanese Design in Recliner Sofas

Japanese design is renowned for its minimalistic elegance and thoughtful functionality. ARMONIA has harnessed these principles to craft recliner sofas that are not just furniture pieces but a lifestyle choice. These sofas are designed to harmonize with any living space, offering clean lines, subtle colours, and an inviting atmosphere that reflects the tranquil beauty of Japan.

Houston Electric Motion Sofa

The Houston Motion sofa takes comfort to new heights with its manual recline for the headrest and electric extend function, transforming from a two-seater sofa to an L-shaped configuration. Carefully selected fabrics from Japan, Turkey, and China ensure both luxury and durability. Experience the ultimate comfort and relaxation with the touch of a button.
Luxurious Comfort with High-Quality Fabrics
We have carefully selected high-quality and stylish fabrics for this collection, which provide irresistible comfort. These fabrics have a Martindale rating of over 20, proving exceptional durability and the ability to withstand abrasion without showing any signs of damage.
Electric Retractable Seat Recliner Sofas for Ultimate Comfort
ARMONIA recliner sofas take personalised relaxation to the next level with advanced reclining mechanisms. At the heart of your lounging experience, these sofas are engineered for smooth operation, providing effortless comfort at your fingertips. With smooth, seamless transitions, you can easily find your ideal comfort setting, ensuring every moment of relaxation is tailored just for you.

Choose your preferred motion side

both-side / right-side / left-side

Experience the Fusion of Technology and Comfort: MARKUS Recliner Sofa

Crafted with semi-aniline leather sourced from Turkey and Vietnam, the MARKUS recliner sofa, one of the new arrivals in 2024, exudes luxury. This high-quality leather is lightly treated to provide a layer of protection while maintaining its natural texture and breathability, offering an unrivalled tactile experience. It also features a seamless reclining mechanism with a button that caters to your body's every need.

Recline at your desired level

Experience the comfort

Personalise Your Seater: Aston Recline Sofa

The Aston Recline sofa offers the perfect blend of flexibility and personalization. Crafted with carefully selected fabrics from around the world, this fabric sofa allows you to adjust the headrest and seat depth according to your preferences. Whether it's for individual relaxation or accommodating varying physical preferences within your family, the Aston Recline sofa has you covered.

Trust in Durable Design: Boston Sofa

The Boston sofa is upholstered in luxurious semi-aniline leather and offers manual recline functionality and an adjustable headrest for customised comfort. It is built with robust construction, ensuring a chic aesthetic and reliability. Each element is meticulously crafted, guaranteeing that this sofa will remain a centrepiece of comfort and style for years to come. You can bring it home and personalise the relaxation to transform your living space into an oasis of timeless comfort.

Space-Saving Sophistication

Choose from top grain, semi-aniline, or full aniline leather, depending on your budget and style. With dimensions ranging from 158 to 198 cm, the Boston sofa fits seamlessly into any space, big or small.

1. Metal frame

ultimate durability

2. Movable

seatback support

3. Semi-aniline leather

slightly pigmented

Two Seater Sofa

with 2 Pillow Cushion, 1 Back Rest

L-Shape Sofa

L192 / L222
Premium Material: Semi-Aniline Leather
Semi-aniline leather is a leather type that utilises semi-aniline dye, which contains a small amount of pigment. The leather is then coated with a light protective layer to reduce the visibility of its natural grain and pores. This protective layer not only gives the semi-aniline leather a consistent colour but also improves its durability. It is a material that reflects ARMONIA's commitment to providing luxurious yet functional furniture that stands the test of time and use.

Time to upgrade your living room

Why Choose ARMONIA Recliner Sofas?
Opting for an ARMONIA recliner sofa means choosing a piece that harmonizes the serene aesthetics of Japanese design, the latest in furniture technology, and the unmatched quality of materials like semi-aniline leather. This leather's advantageous blend of durability, comfort, ease of maintenance, and breathability makes it an exceptional choice for those looking to combine practicality with luxury. With ARMONIA, you do not just purchase a sofa; you invest in a piece of art that promises enduring comfort and timeless style.


Electronic Recliners

MARKUS Motion Sofa, L210 (Pre-order)
MARKUS Motion L-Shape Sofa, L210 (Pre-order)
Houston Motion Sofa, L201, MNR91 White
Houston Motion Sofa, Motion on both side

Manual Recliners

Boston Recliner Sofa, L158-218, Semi Aniline Leather
Boston Recliner Sofa, L178, Semi Aniline Leather, Beige G3 151 (half/full leather)
Aston Recliner Sofa, L170-210, Grey
HILLS Sofa, L170 / L190 / L210

Leather and Fabric Sofas

Milton SofaMilton Sofa, L192, Semi Aniline Leather (full leather)
KUMA Leather Sofa
BELLA Leather Sofa, L164-L224 (Pre-Order)

L-Shape Sofas

Milton Sofa, L192, Semi Aniline Leather (full leather)
STANZA Motion Sofa, L285 (pre-order)
MARKUS Motion Sofa, L290 (Pre-order)
HILLS Sofa, L170 / L190 / L210

Don't prefer recliners? Check this.

Nadine Frame Sofa
SEN RATTAN Sideboard L160
Nadine Sofa II, Leather
Milton Sofa, L192-222, Semi Aniline Leather
Nadine Leather Sofa, L180-L238, Dark Brown, Custom