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There are several small and large choices that you have to pick through while choosing furniture for any space – be it your home, office, or any other alternative area – and going for solid wood or not is one of them.

To recap a few material choices, most furniture is available in four major categories: i.e. brass, synthetic wood, solid wood, and mild steel. Yes, there are other materials such as acrylic and plastic, but the former four are the ones that are largely used in home, office, and retail interior designs. Out of all of them, solid wood has been in use for the longest time, and the reasons for that are quite extensive. Aside from being highly durable, it has the ability to withstand intense wear and tear. If you’re searching for more reasons to go for solid wood furniture, here are a few:




  1. Excellent structural integrity

The solid aesthetic appeal of is always complemented by an excellent structural integrity. Both hard wood and soft wood are incredibly durable species, so if you’re looking for furniture that will last you more than a couple years, then this is what you should opt for. The great value-for-money you’ll be investing in will be compensated in the form of sturdiness, an indestructible quality, and an unparalleled resilience that is seldom found in any other furniture design material. You can find the best of the batch at our in Hong Kong.


  1. Undemanding maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of choosing is its ability to retain its crafted form for the longest period of time. While metal corrodes and rusts over the course of time and can be seldom exposed to water/moisture, you need to set certain parameters in your space (such as the use of area rugs) that bring their own pitfalls to the maintenance category.


Similarly, synthetic wood is prone to chipping and deteriorating because of its short life span. Such furniture is not designed for long term use. On the other hand, you can always rest assured of the heirloom quality of . It doesn’t corrode, doesn’t chip off, is water resistant to a certain degree. It doesn’t adhere to finger prints like brass and doesn’t succumb to peeling veneers like composite wood. You can easily whip it back into shape by simple oiling when it starts to show signs of dryness. In fact, its utter durability ensures that you can keep it in perfect shape by just occasionally waxing and polishing.


  1. Infinite charisma

One of the most attractive qualities of solid wood furniture is the charisma. Nothing states rustic luxury like this particular material, and you can certainly find some of the best pieces in our in Hong Kong. The unfettered warmth, richness, and attraction of this wood has a huge impact on the overall mood of your interior designs. Its natural appeal can make your spaces feel homely and welcoming. The timeless quality of has also seen generational usage in every single era, so it’s definitely a classic material that’ll make your furniture feel like it is brimming with character.


  1. You can go the route of ‘reclaimed’

Since has been used since centuries and decades past, it can be found in a number of places and forms. You can curate it from the hull of old boats and even salvage it from old beams and structural elements of worn down ancient places. This type of solid wood is known as ‘reclaimed wood’ and it’s one of a kind. Furniture that has been made from it has a certain historic value which adds to its character. This wood is kept in its initial distressed finish instead of being stained over most of the time. This way, people can appreciate its well-worn beauty in its authentic form.


But most of all, such type of is absolutely eco-friendly. It is sustainably sourced and has a very minimal carbon foot print. Similarly, you can reduce the foot print even more by going for handcrafted wood joinery and crafting.


  1. Refinishing and recycling

Solid wood furniture that feels like it’s at the end of its life span can be easily brought back to life by simple sanding and refinishing. And if you’re truly in love with your pieces, then you can breathe a second, third, and even fourth life into them in this manner. This can never be done with either metal or synthetic wood furniture. Other than that, any solid wood furniture that has been treated with low VOC finishes can be easily upscaled into other items. This recyclable quality makes it a smart choice in our world that’s succumbing to the negative effects of global warming every day.

Our furniture store in Hong Kong offers one of the best and most stylish collections of solid wood furniture you’ll ever find. All our collections are completely up-to-date, charming, and perfect for contemporary needs.


What are the pros and cons of using wood furniture? Before buying any wood furniture, let's understand more about different kind of woods in terms of the durability, maintainability and cost. 

Solid Wood Pros and Cons (Chinese Version)

+ Has much higher durability than Plywood and MDF
Requires less effort in repairing scratches.
Balances the temperature and humidity of the environment by absorbing and releasing water vapour;
Contains natural wood fragrance
Offers unique tactile experience
Consists of natural grain patterns which add on to the classiness of the furniture

Contracts and expands according to the moisture level of the environment
- More prone to bug infestation without proper maintenance
- Costs more than Plywood and MDF

Wood Comparation

Wood Durability Maintainability Aesthetic Value Cost
Oak ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★
Walnut ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Teak ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Elm ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★
Ash ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★
Pine ★★ ★★ ★★

*The higher Durability, the more long lasting;the higher Maintainability, the less maintenance effort, the higher Aesthetic Value, the more exquisite, the higher Economical Value, the cheaper.


WalnutWalnut wood usually carries a sense of classiness because of its stable grain patterns, rich patina and color tone. Despite having generally a darker appearance, Walnut wood never bores its supporters. It is even harder and more durable than Oak wood (although a lot more expensive too), so it is widely used by designers for making posh furniture. But because of its durability and longevity, you can save a lot of effort and expense on maintenance work in return!



Oak wood has long been a popular choice for designers ranging from those making musical instruments to furniture designers, due to its exquisite appearance and versatility. Oak wood usually contains striped grain lines. Its prominent grain pattern easily gives oak furniture some degree of classiness. What's more, oak is structurally strong and long lasting. Its colour gets richer and improves with age, making oak-made furniture highly durable.  Among all kinds of solid wood materials introduced in this article, oak is relatively resistant to bug infestation and scratches, which means it requires relatively less maintenance work. However, due to the shortage of good-quality oak trees, normally the price for oak wood is higher when compared.

Ash Wood has long been the preferred wood species for making baseball bats. Its strengths include its hardness and processability. With its grain patterns clear as oak wood’s, in addition to its relatively cheap price, Ash also proves itself to be a good choice for making furniture.






Rosewood is hard and densely grained. It is resistant to parasites because it contains natural oils whereas it is less prone to warping because of its stable dryness level. Moreover, rosewood generally has a dark appearance with a tint of red or chocolate-brown. It also carries lovely grain lines and unique sweet fragrance. This tropical wood, however, is quite costly.





Teak Wood Coming from mainly South Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia, Teak wood is a valuable wood material that contains natural oils and rubber inside, contributing to its high resistance against weather, fungi and bug infestation. Teak wood remains a staple for outdoor furniture due to its durability and dryness. However, it is heavy both in weight and price.





Elm Wood has wild grain patterns with smooth grain lines, giving the elm wood-made furniture a simple impression. A point to note is that elm wood (especially the young elm wood) is more inclined to suffer from conditions like warping, cracking and bug infestation.






Pine Wood is cheap among all solid wood materials mainly because of its fast growth and massive production. Pine wood contains clear grain patterns. As a kind of softwood, pine wood has low-density content and is light-weighted. Because of this, it is not very crash-proof and its carrying capacity is relatively low.





Other Furniture Material


Plywood is a kind of engineered wood. It is manufactured by gluing thin layers of wood veneers together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated to one another and finalizing them with wood molding press machine.

Consists of a stable shape without contracting and expanding due to the moisture level of the environment
+ Avoids conditions like cracking, warping and bug infestation
+ Is isotropic and consistent in patterns because they are printed
+ Is less costly than Solid Wood
- Looks less artistic and elegant than Solid Wood because of the over consistent pattern
- Is not water-resistant
- Is not sound-proof enough
- Is less long lasting than Solid Wood


Medium-density Fibreboard (shortened as MDF) MDF is artificially manufactured by combining wood fibres with wax and resin binder, hence forming panels by applying high temperature and press.

Is more environmentally-friendly
+ Resists bug infestation
+ Is cheap
- Is not crash-proof with low carrying capacity because of its sparse density
- Is not water-resistant: swells and breaks when saturated with water (not good for bathroom and outdoor furniture as a result)
- Is short-lived
- May suffer from delamination when damaged or scratched.


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