SIM Collection

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SIM Collection
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Get Your Quirky On With The SIM Collection

If you’re searching for solid wood furniture with a colorful flair, then you’ve landed at the right place. Typical furnishings in this category either feature a full authentic wood texture or have a few metal accoutrements as ornamentation. However, it’s very rare that you find solid wood pieces that feature beautiful, vibrant, and eye-catching colors.

This is where the SIM Collection sets itself apart. With a number of non-traditional designs and a uniquely attractive aesthetic, this collection speaks in broad strokes and stunningly simple visuals. Available at our furniture store in Hong Kong, this collection is perfect for those who appreciate modern designs with a playful flair. Further, let’s take a look at everything that you need to know about this collection:


About the collection

The SIM Collection has been made from the sturdiest teakwood and has a very distinctive look. It’s casually stylish and features a colorful aesthetic that’s great for adding a pop of color to any home interior. The combination of flowing curves and clean lines featured in the design of this collection is absolutely inspiring. It’s streamlined for hardcore modernists with a flair for fun and quirky visuals.

The seats are generously curved at the edges while the base is sleek and cleanly designed. It’s one of the best genre you’ll ever come across. It’s visually smooth and never obstructs the eye. But best of all, everything in this collection can be introduced as an excellent accent piece in your interior designs. The SIM stool even received the Good Design Award back in 2012 amongst many others.


Benefits and features

The SIM Collection might be simple in aesthetic, but it has a lot of personality. With its different colored tops and sturdy constitution, it’s one of the crown jewel of our . It features very fine crafting, a flatpack design, and wood that is finished with natural teak oil. It’s very popular with both the residential and commercial furnishing crowd. In fact, to this day this collection has been featured in a number of creative interior designs of both the indoor and semi-outdoor variety.

The benefits and all-encompassing versatility of this collection is truly inspiring – something that everyone would appreciate in their interior designs.


Different pieces in the SIM Collection

Here are the different pieces in this collection and what sets them apart:


SIM Bar stool

This stool is tall, classy, and incredibly eclectic at the same time. With its beautifully curved seat edges and colorful tops, they’d make an excellent accompaniment to every type of a bar – be it residential or commercial.

SIM stool

The tiny stature of this stool makes it an instant hit with all crowds. It’s small, compact, and perfectly multipurposed. It can be used for seating, as an end table, as a makeshift nightstand, and even as a decorative accent piece in your homes.

SIM square table

The SIM square table consists of a solid top in its classic colored formation along with stylishly slanted teak wood legs. It would be a great addition in your dining areas.



SIM bench

This solid wood furniture form can be paired with dining tables, outdoor patio tables, and even hall trees. Its colorful top and wood bottom would be all the contrast you need to make such settings infinitely interesting.


SIM glass table

Featuring a glass top with solid wood legs, this table is a modern masterpiece. The slanted legs with their sturdy top frame would make a great focal point in any space that you furnish this table in.



About the designer

Curated from TakeHomeDesign, our showcases the entirety of this collection. It was designed by the minimalist maestro Paphap Wongpanich himself. He’s a veteran in this field who has designed several other award winning furniture collections. Originally an interior designer based in Thailand, Wongpanich was always interested in crafting cleverly designed ways to utilize the space and furniture was his best medium. Therefore, he experimented a lot with and came up with many gorgeous collections. The way he designed the SIM collection is a testament to his out-of-the-box thinking even when bound by simplicity.

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