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The era of solid wood is making a comeback in the design world. Its long-term hardiness and resilience makes it the ultimate choice for those looking for ‘forever’ and now you can get all of that and more with the Dandy collection. Made out of pure walnut wood, this collection boasts the best of both heirloom quality and fashionable aesthetics. Further, let’s take a look at everything that you need to know about this natural walnut furniture collection.



About Dandy


The easy, effortless, and unadorned simplicity of the Dandy collection is articulated in the form of Scandinavian style visuals. Each piece is designed to accommodate ultimate pragmatics and functionality without reducing the quality of the aesthetics. In fact, the natural walnut finish of this wooden furniture enhances its charisma two-fold.


The graceful elegance of the Scandinavian style designing ensures that the dandy collection can be featured in all contemporary homes. It has a universal appeal thanks to its clean design and natural aura. It has minimalistic accents that have been artfully handled by focusing primarily on the functional aspects. It’s a collection that would look charmingly fashionable in all spaces – be it large, small, or medium sized.





Dandy TV Cabinet

net and tidy design of a master piece

Of the two types of TV cabinets in the Dandy collection, the first one is simpler and consists of a pure wooden façade – complete with open and closed compartments that rest in a neat, compact body on sturdy legs. It’s elegant and perfect for modern contemporary homes.


Dandy TV Cabinet II

more space for your entertainments

On the other hand is a bit more outgoing in aesthetics. Instead of being made entirely out of walnut, this wooden furniture consists of a gorgeous glass cabinet that couples gorgeously with the dark rustic finish of the walnut. This gives it the extra visual flexibility to be featured in not only contemporary, but austere modern and minimalist interior designs as well.


Dandy Coffee Table

best for your cup of tea

The Dandy coffee table has the kind of versatile aesthetic that makes it suitable for both office as well as residential interiors. It has storage drawers and a sleek, clean-cut design that proudly embraces its no-frills Scandinavian concept.



Dandy Chest of Drawers

storage for your goods

Tall, dark, handsome, the Dandy Chest of Drawers feature a design that is straight to the point. It’s very pragmatic, offers an abundance of storage space, and would look absolutely classy in its solitary vigil by your accent wall.



Dandy Side Board

best for decorations and cups

The Vol l sideboard is tall and perfectly primed for both transparent and solid storage systems. With a chest of drawers on one side and a full-sized double-door glass-paned cabinet on the other, it can be the perfect accompaniment to your dining set or even just a living room or office accent wall.



Dandy Bed Side Table

enhance your room atmosphere



Dandy Bed Frame

quality sleeping



Dandy Bed Frame II

quality sleeping


The Dandy walnut furniture collection consists of two very distinctive beds. One of them (Vol l) has a vintage retro appeal and proudly displays the stunning grain of its wood in all of its patina-ed glory. It’s perfectly sophisticated and emulates a ssubtle rustic-chic aura. The other bed consists of beautiful grey-hued fabric upholstery that gives it a more contemporary aura. It’s cleanly designed and cozily attractive without compromising its classiness. It’s very smart and perfect for a contemporary bedroom concept. Their matching bedside tables are also very stunning and made completely out of walnut. Their simple and function-based design goes well with the concept of both beds.



Nicola Coffee Table

elegant coffee table

This walnut furniture collection couldn’t be complete without the trendy NICOLA coffee table set that consists of a pair of round-top, low-height tables that would make the perfect anchoring point in the middle of a living room or office. Both tables are graceful and would definitely lend a chic upscale aura to your spaces.



Benefits and features

The undemanding simplicity and functional value of the Dandy collection make it an instant hit with homeowners. It is sturdy, comfortable, and promises a long-term resilience. Some of the pieces – such as the coffee table and drawer chest – can also be used in commercial interiors. Both visually and functionally versatile, this type of walnut wood furniture is definitely hard to come by.

The Dandy Walnut collection is truly a study in strength and clean, modern looks with Nordic touches – perfect for all contemporary homes.

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