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KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]

KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
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KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]
This model is displayed in Hong Kong showroom, yet size and color may vary.

Walnut Sophistication

Introducing the original collection

KADO Sofa, L160 [Display]

MOODBY™ is committed to advocating a return to nature and a sustainable lifestyle. Through our partnerships with first-rate factories, each well-appointed masterpiece is crafted with materials from sustainable plantations and reclaimed wood.  It’s then coated with eco-safe finishing which helps to preserve the naturally beautiful aesthetics given from mother nature.


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The images are for reference only. Materials and products colours may vary due to resolution on computers. The design of the products may have slightly changed while minor differences exist from the intended measurements

If you have any concern about product color, dimensions and the detail of the design, please feel free to visit our showroom to check the actual products or email us for clarification. 

Please note that since our wooden products are crafted rather than moulded, each product may not be identical and may have a dimension deviation +/- 1 cm.

Natural Wood Grain

As every piece of natural solid wood is unique, please understand the deviation of colour and natural grains is not considered as defects. No exchange or return.


Dimensions & Details

Natural Teak with Cow leather


W1600 x D800 x H760 mm

W1900 x D800 x H760 mm

Wood color

Made in Indonesia

Nature defines beauty

Ultimate Comfort

Introducing Our New Recliner Collection
Welcome to our blog showcasing the latest addition to our furniture collection – a brand new recliner collection that combines comfort, functionality, and style. With decades of experience in furniture manufacturing and a commitment to quality, our sofas are designed to provide you and your family with a cozy and relaxing home experience. Let's dive into the exciting features of our four sofas!

MOODBY®'s Core Value - Nature Defines Beauty

Sustainable living

To keep the natural beauty from the nature, MOODBY crafts products with materials from sustainable plantations, which are overseen by the Indonesian government or reclaimed teak wood without chemicals hurting our Mother Nature. And to make it sustainable.

Organic touch

MOODBY treats the natural solid wood grains and knots as part of the interior aesthetics since they are contrived patina produced from our Mother Nature. To present an honest living environment, MOODBY only uses water-based Golden Care Oil to protect our furniture.

Asian modernism

MOODBY respects the traditional aesthetics and Asian craftsmanship, so they incorporate it into modern aesthetics in unconventional ways. By cooperating with the designers from worldwide, they create sleek, modern and inspired masterpieces for your interior.


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